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Picture this:

Burned out man
Embarks on an epic adventure to fulfill a lifelong dream

- trekking the awe-inspiring mountains of Nepal.

In the Spring of 2022 that man was me, Andrew, and the moment
I arrived at bustling Thamel, I realised:

I had made a mistake.

Inspired by the carefree advice of internet strangers,
absolutely nothing was planned:

No routes, no lodging and most importantly no trekking gear
– after all, it could be procured in Kathmandu on the cheap… right?

A sea of gear shops stretched before me in all directions,
yet I had no idea what I needed or whether the stuff for sale was any good.

I spent days wandering, growing increasingly frustrated by all the haggling,
the pushy shop owners, the indecision…

I was overwhelmed.

That was until, by complete chance, I met Tenzing Sherpa – a seasoned
mountaineer, experienced trekking guide freshly back from a tour, and
also a kind soul.

After learning about my “plans” and experience level he helped me
build an adequate list with all the gear I would need, and showed me
where I could get it for the best value for money.

I was able to finally leave to explore the mountains where, after talking with
dozens of other trekkers from all over the world, I realised  that Tenzing’s
hospitality had not only reassured me but also saved me both time and money.

So, it hit me:

what if we could give the same improved experience to all trekkers,
while giving back to the communities that make it all possible?

As soon as I arrived back in Kathmandu I told Tenzing and we put our hands
to work. With hundreds of satisfied clients later, the rest is history.

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If you would like to join a fast growing company revolutionising the trekking industry in Nepal, we would love to hear from you!

If you believe you’re the right fit for any of the open vacancies, email us to


Current Vacancies


  • Business Developer

    You ll be responsible for identifying new business opportunities and building relationships with local partners. Must be Kathmandu based.


  • Logistics Manager

    You ll work directly with the COO to optimise processes and provide support with deliveries. Must be Kathmandu based. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We will issue you a full refund – no questions asked – if you cancel your order with a 10 day notice before the scheduled pick up date.

We will issue you a partial (50%) refund, if you cancel your order after that and up to 48h before the scheduled pick up date.
If you postpone your trip or cancel your order less than 48h prior to pick up date, unfortunately, no refund can be issued. However, a credit for the full amount will be available to you and the respective gear will be safely stored for up to 6 months.

All items will be delivered to you once you arrive in Nepal. If you’re already in Kathmandu, we can prepare an express delivery and get your gear ready in under 3 hours.

After you conclude the online purchase of your pack, we’ll get in touch to confirm your arrival date and prepare the delivery.

You can choose to get it delivered to your Hotel or pick it up in store at one of our showrooms.

If you choose to pick up at the showroom, you may make use of our chauffeur service, free of charge, to take you from your hotel to the showroom. This is usually the preferred option as it allows you to try on multiple styles and sizes on the spot, to get your perfect fit.

Upon checkout, we will ask you to share your usual sizes for upper and lower body clothing.

This will allow our AI algorithm to get your gear pack ready for your arrival, with correctly sized items. This step is usually enough, based on historical data.

Additionally, to make sure you get the absolute best fit, you’ll be able to try on and replace any item during pick up, once you arrive in Kathmandu. We’ll send one of our drivers to pick you up at your hotel and take you to one of the showrooms.

With thousands of items in stock, ranging from ‘Small’ to ‘Double Extra Large’, you’ll be able to get the ones that fit you perfectly

Most items in stock have more than 5 variations each – be it in color or style – and you’re entirely free to choose the ones that you prefer, upon arrival.

For most items, our selection is wider than what you would usually find at a local retailer back home.

Please note that the colors of the items displayed at checkout are placeholders only, meant to help you navigate the contents of the pack. Final style and size selection will be done in person, at your discretion.

In-store you’ll be able to choose from hundreds of items to get exactly what you want.

The gear available through MountReady is a mix of items handcrafted in-house by master artisans, with decades of experience, and items sourced from the same reputable suppliers that supply the big brands you have at home.

Before introducing any item to the public, we make sure that its performance is up to the highest international standards by testing each version using a range of stress tests as well as in-field testing by taking the gear to the mountains and reviewing how it holds.

Additionally, all of the in-house made items are designed by actual mountaineers whose input is the backbone behind every manufacturing decision.

For example our down jackets and sleeping bags are filled 100% with the highest quality and ethically sourced Goose Down fill 900 which give them unmatched properties: they’re highly compressible, ultralight and amazingly warm.

Most of the big brands you know, source their products from the exact same suppliers we do. But when you buy from them, you pay them a premium for the brand name and to cover advertising costs.

On the other hand, local shop owners in Kathmandu rely on first time walk-in customers who know little about the products they’re buying, only buy a couple of items and are unlikely to become repeat customers. This incentivises owners to price gouge and pay little attention to the quality of their products.

MountReady on the other hand has no advertising budget, we rely exclusively on word of mouth and past clients’ reviews in order to exist and grow: thus we simply can’t afford to sell low quality equipment that fails.

All of MountReady gear is sourced either: directly from local master artisans we sponsor and supervise or wholesale manufacturers we’ve certified. This allows us to apply strict quality control measures to every piece of gear we supply our clients with, as well as cut middleman fees.

And because we also sell the gear packs in full – rather than individual items – we can further afford to cut margins, giving you an unmatchable value for money.

Short answer is Yes.

Most people decide to take the gear they purchased trough MountReady back home with them as it will serve them for years to come.

But some, mainly those continuing their travels after Nepal, end up selling it to other trekkers or local shops specialized in buying used gear, abundant and easily findable in Thamel.

Others still, donate it to their Porters as a tip or a gesture of appreciation for their help. 

MountReady doesn’t currently offer renting of gear.

However, you’re free to edit the suggested gear packs as you see fit, including adding or deleting items from it.

So, if you already own some of the necessary gear for your trek, you can simply delete those items from MountReady’s gear packs.

How to Get a Refund

Simply email us to or trough Live Chat with your name and order number.

We will issue you a full refund – no questions asked – if  you cancel your order within 24h of ordering and up to 7 days before your scheduled pick up date.

We will issue you a partial (50%) refund, if you cancel your order after that and up to 48h before the scheduled delivery date.

Unfortunately no refund can be issued after that, as the handcrafted items will already have been made.

However, If you wish to postpone your trip, you’ll be credited for the full amount and the respective gear will be safely stored for you for up to 12 months. After that, the order will be canceled.

Quality assurance

Craftsmanship, Durability, and Performance You Can Trust

We pride ourselves on offering quality trekking gear, both crafted by skilled artisans and sourced from trustworthy suppliers. 

All of the gear provided through MountReady is designed with valuable insights from experienced mountaineers and dutifully vetted by them. 

Take our down jackets and sleeping bags, for example, filled with ethically-sourced Goose Down fill 900 for unmatched compressibility, lightweigh-ness, and warmth.

Every product undergoes rigorous testing, including fabric stress tests and real-world mountain use, ensuring durability and peak performance.

By gearing up with MountReady for your trekking adventure you can rest assured that you’ll be equipped with reliable, high-performance gear, purposefully designed to withstand the challenges of the Himalayas.

Repair or Replace

Repair or Replace Guarantee

If any of the items from your gear pack presents a manufacturing defect we will repair it without charge, or replace it, at our discretion. 

Please note that this guarantee does not extend to damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, normal wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of colors and materials over time and use. Damage not covered under this guarantee may still be repaired for a reasonable rate in Kathmandu.