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Your [Trek] Pack was prepared by expert Mountaineers, based on your selections. It’s suitable for a start on [start date] , it offers a '[Experience Type]' experience and assumes you [Porter] helping you



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Full Refunds

Canceled or postponed trip?

Get a full refund, no questions asked

High Quality

Packs designed by real mountaineers with gear tested in the mountains you’ll be hiking

Best Price

As good as the big brands, we just save on advertisement

Receive a Full Refund if you cancel your order within 24h of ordering and up to 7 days before your scheduled pick up date.

Alternatively, you can opt to receive store credit for the full amount of your order, to be used at a later date. This is the preferred option when trips get postponed for any reason.

You’ll receive your gear once you arrive in Kathmandu, by picking it up in one of our stores or having it delivered to your hotel – you choose.

After you conclude your online order we’ll get in touch to confirm your preference and prepare the delivery.

After checkout, we’ll ask you to share your usual sizes for upper & lower body clothing, allowing our algorithm to calculate your gear pack with correctly sized items. You’ll also be able to try on and replace any item during delivery, to get the best fit.

Final Color and Style selection is done in person at any of our stores, during delivery. You’ll be able to choose from over 5 variations, both in color or style, for most items.

Items are handcrafted in-house by experienced artisans or sourced from reputable suppliers also used by the major brands. We rigorously test each item to ensure it meets international standards through stress tests in mountainous conditions. 

All gear is designed or selected by actual mountaineers, who provide essential input into manufacturing decisions. Notably, our Down jackets and sleeping bags feature ethically sourced 100% Goose Down fill 900, offering: high compressibility, ultralight weight, and exceptional warmth.

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